Links to Practitioners/Products/Pages

Here are some links to some excellent practitioners I have personally used:

Balance Point Health Centre  (Dave or Michael for osteopathy, Dr. Jane Goehner for Naturopath, Shannon Gregory for live blood analysis))

The Well Life Centre  (Melissa Musclow orJennifer Henry for massage , Lidia Bartolomucci for Chiro)

Sheddon Physio Robin for physio and concussion testing

Looking for a pace band? This one has walking break.  Pace Band

Looking for some pre-mapped runs?  Check out this link:  Map My Run – Nik’s Chicks

Wetsuits anyone? Love these ones: Xterra Wetsuits  Check clearance page for deals.

Wear a Road ID when you are out for a workout. Small investment at 20.00!  Shoe tags are also available. Road ID Road ID

Are you planning on buying a new bike to do triathlons next year?  Consider going to Cyclepath on Speers Rd.  Arrange to talk to Joe (the owner) or Jeff  They can wheel and deal on price – don’t forget to tell them you are with Nik’s Chicks! Cyclepath

Stay entertained during your swims with a Swimp3 for 160.00!  I have used mine for over a year and love it!  Finis Swimp3  I purchased mine on ebay (bids start at 60.00) or you can buy locally at Team Aquatics in Burlington (180.00).  Note there is older 1.0Gb (holds 250 songs) and newer 2.0Gb models (holds 500 songs).  and now there is the newest model – Neptune! 4GB holding 1000 songs!


Neptune swimp3

Looking to do lap swimming in your backyard pool without all of the turns? Try this tether – I have had mine for 3 summers now.  I typically use with a pull buoy for better body alignment in the water. Go with the Competitor Model. Swim Tether

Swim Tether


Check out YouTube for the Total Immersion 6 part series “Perpetual Motion Freestyle”  and the 8 part series “How to Work Less, Swim Better in Triathlons” You Tube. These videos are very helpful in learning the Total Immersion Swimming Technique.

Great goggle (and swim suit) selection at Team Aquatics in Burlington or online Team Aquatics  Pick up your Kayenne goggles there!  Or buy for a bit less at MEC.Kayenne Goggles

Relieve your achy feet with this “Touch Me” foot roller.  It’s available on eBay or Amazon.  Running Room used to carry them but now have the AccuBall which similarly eases tension in the foot.  Great for Plantar Fascitis or Achilles Tendonitis

Pool Etiquete tips can be found here Lap Swimming Tips

Looking to lose weight gradually over the next year or so? Use this Body Weight Simulator to help you set your weight loss goals.

Yoga DVD for runners can be found at Yoga for Runners
Lip pods are only 2.75, also at MEC.  You’ll never search for your tube of lip balm again!
Running Panties – need I say more?!  Running PantiesUndies

Blender Bottles are great on the go. Blender Bottleblender bottle

This is just a sample of what MEC has available. Wool Running SocksDeFeet Wool Socks

Run Like a Mother is a fun read! You can pick it up at Chapters.Run Like a Mother

Lululemon’s Thin as Air Underwear is expensive…18.00 a pair but oh sooo comfy! UndiesLululemon Light as Air Hipster

Are you looking for some weights to work with at home?  Instead of buying a large rack and various dumbbell weights, consider the Power Block system.  You can get a set that allows you to vary the weight from 5 – 70 lbs…all in one hand.  We bought a set, and rack for our mini home gym and they take up a lot less space and are good for both my husband and I to use.

Strassburg Sock – For those of you battling Plantar Faciitis, this might be just the thing you need! More info at www. Avail. locally at Running Company 35.00.


Pull buoy/kick board combo – There are a few out there, but these two are looking good. Avail. at Team Aquatics and MEC. 15-40.00


Bike Mirror – For anyone planning on cycling next season, this is a safety must have!  There are many types but here are a couple that work well.  Road bike mirror inserts into handle bar and Zefal spy mirror can attach anywhere on handle bars. 15-20.00 at Cyclepath.

Road bike mirrorSpyMirror

Lights for Visibility – I love this versatile little UFO light by Filzer! Only 8.00 at MEC.

UFO light

Socks – I found some great ones by Balgea. Lots of different styles in the 8-15.00 range.


Swimming Programs –  For anyone who has to train on their own.  Good programs, explanations of drills.  Be aware of the high volume (you can always trim it to suit).  Waterproof pages to take right onto the pool deck. Available though Chapters 20.00.

Swim Speed workouts


Drawstring re-threader –  Who knew this existed! A must buy for wives who have been asked to do this for their husbands! Avail. at 15.00.


Travel Roller – For anyone who has to travel or doesn’t have room to store a traditional foam roller.  Avail. at 28.00.


Ponytail Hat – If you have run with a traditional hat, you know how the pressure of your hat/on your ponytail/on your head can give you an ache.  Try a hat with a dedicated ponytail hole like this Breakaway Beanie from Brooks – only 20.00 avail in a few colours at Similar style at Lulu for 28.00.


Hand Massager – These little helpers retail for 30.00 at


Medal Hanger – Be proud of your accomplishments with this hanger! 48.00 at


What to Wear? – Take the guess work out by using this Runner’s World tool What to Wear

Shoe Finder – This link can help you narrow down your search.  Shoe Finder Many manufacturers have their own versions on their websites too.

FitBit – These tracking bracelets are helping lots of people get more active. Avail in different styles and colours!  There are silicon bracelets avail to cover your band to color coordinate with your outfits!


Foot Roller – I use this roller regularly to work out the kinks in my feet! Find it on amazon 2 for 16.99.  Foot RollerFitter-First-Foot-Roller-N28413_XL

Fuel Belt – For runs longer than 10km you need to bring along some fuel.  There are many styles, but this 4 bottle belt is 54.00. Fuel Belt


Hands Free Dog Leash – Avail at at only

Best Gel Flavour – I just tried this flavour and LOVE it!  Feels like a decadent snack! Get them at Cyclepath or Mountain Equipment Co-op for under 30.00 a box.saltedcaramel8pkpres1

Running Phone Cases – These are so cute, lots of slogans to choose from. 17.99US  iPhone Cases


Compression Socks – At 54.99 these are a little steep, but folks who use compression socks during and after a run swear they help with recovery. Avail at Compression Socks


Pace Bands – These silicon bands are sweat resistant. Avail in various distances and colours. Order them at Pace Bands

Pace Band

Blisters – Everything you need to know and how to treat is on this site Blister Prevention