Update – September 5, 2012

Nik’s Chicks is a FREE ladies only running/triathlon group. It is only a time and place to meet & a program to follow.  I cannot join you on every run/workout.  If you are new to exercising, it is advisable to have a doctor’s OK prior to beginning. Please sign my waiver (in “About”) and fill out my contact info sheet when you arrive for your first run.

Quote of the Week:

When you recognize that failing doesn’t make you a failure, you give yourself permission to try all sorts of things.

Lauren Fleshman, American track and field athlete

Hello ladies, here is the latest news from the “nest”!

Weekly Chirp:Wow! Back to school day has arrived already.  Don’t know about you, but the summer went in a flash in our household. Tuesday almost felt like a Jan. 1st to me. Lots of new beginnings and fresh starts.  Have you though about what you want to do with your time this Fall? Take a course, learn/return to run, join the gym, read a good book? Whatever you choose to do, make sure you write it down and tell someone about it.  This will make you more likely to follow through.  My goals – 1) to begin meal planning and 2) help my kids learn how to become organized.  I admit to attempting and failing with both of these over the years and I have now committed to giving them another whole hearted try!  I think the quote this week was speaking to me.

New 5km and 10km Programs begin soon: New Learn to Run 5km (no experience necessary) and 10km programs (5km base needed) begin on Tuesday September 11th. Meet at 1438 Redwing Crt. Please fill out a waiver and contact info sheet upon your arrival.  Remember that programs are FREE!  Programs can be downloaded here Learn to Run 5km Training Program      10 Km program from 5km base  Tell your lady friends about us so we get lots of new runners (and former Chicks) out

Half Marathon Dreams?:  Do you want to do a half Marathon this fall?  There will be a large contingent of Chicks running in the Angus Glen Half Marathon on November 4 in Markham.  This is a rural race with terrific post race buffet and entertainment inside the Golf Club! We will be running 17km Saturday. Start planning now to get out of your comfort zone…I have a few of you in mind as I write this!!  Register here Angus Glen Half Marathon as soon as possible because there are ONLY 750 race spots available and it will sell out. By the way, for those of you determined to dig in your heels…there is a 5km and 10km run too! Email me when you sign up so I can add your name to my race list.

Half Ironman only 5 days away: Michelle and I are off to Huntsville on Friday to prepare for Sunday’s big race.  This summer has been a very different one for us with the amount of training we have put in.  We learned to give our kids more responsibility, not to worry too much about our houses being less than tidy, to squeeze our daily chores into a few hours and that we can challenge ourselves to try something new and really like it!  Both of us have overcome some fears to get to this place.  I must say that it’s really empowering to do so! I highly recommend getting outside your comfort zone every now and then. We start our swim at 8:16am and hope to finish in under 8 hours.  Our progress can be tracked at www.ironman.com.   Next summer we will switch gears to concentrate on the shorter distances, sprint and Olympic, and welcome more ladies to join us!  This triathlon thin is truly a blast!!  Thanks to Ellen, Jo and Sam for heading to Huntsville to be our support crew and cheer leaders.

Winter swimming: Some of you are considering triathlons for next summer.  If so, you should consider swimming once or twice a week to work on technique and endurance. Myself and a few others will be back at the Y swimming 2 mornings a week (day/time to be determined).  Tuesday and Thursday nights following the running workout is also an option for Glen Abbey Rec Center.  There are many other pools in Oakville offering lap swimming – check out the Recreation Guide under aquatics or click here http://www.mydigitalpublication.com/publication/?i=119927  for the swim schedule.  Also, National Sports is having a sale on one piece swim suits!  Don’t forget to pick up a swim cap and goggles as well.

Nik’s Chicks Sleeveless Tops: Even though school is starting, cooler temps won’t hit for a while. Consider getting yourself a Nik’s Chicks tank top. Shirts are ready for pick up!!  They will cost 20.00 – all in…thanks to our Sponsors: Balance Point Health Center, The Running Company and Cyclepath!!  Remember that the sizing will be on a first come first served basis.  I will have them available for pick up on Thursday and Tuesday nights – Saturday mornings will be hit or miss!  You can also email me to arrange a pick up time – mclaughlins@cogeco.ca.  Cash or cheques accepted.  Be proud in purple on your Saturday runs!!

Tips from Runner’s World Daily Calendar: 1)  If your morning heart rate is up 10 or more beats above your average, then you haven’t recovered from the previous days training.  Take time off or back off until it returns to normal.  2) You know what to do with your legs, but what about your arms? Don’t let your hands cross the midline of your body and keep them loose – but not too floppy.  When they come across too far, your running efficiency decreases.  Run with your forearms roughly parallel to the ground.  3) Eating high carb foods, such as pasta, rice and potatoes, will ensure your glycogen stores are stocked for race day, but don’t consume more calories than you normally would.   4)  To banish boredom, pick scenic courses.  Head to the park.  Run on the beach.  Seek soft surfaces.  A change of scenery can do wonders for your mental outlook.  You’ll be so focused on the new surroundings, you won’t even notice the minutes flying by.  5)  Most sports gels contain about 100 calories and 25 grams of carbohydrate.  Depending on your size and the intensity and duration of your run, you can take in 1-3 gels for every hour you’re running.  Remember to wash each down with ample water.

This week’s workouts (Meet 1438 Redwing Court)

Tuesday – Sept 4 8:15pm run

Learn to Run 5km  – new pgm starts Sept 11

Holding on 5km – 5km (Third Line to Pipeline)

Learn to Run 10km – New pgm begins Sept 11

Holding on 10km – 5km   (Third Line to Pipeline)

New Learn to Run 1/2 Marathon – 10km

1/2 Ironman –  Run 30:00, Swim 40:00 (optional)

Wednesday – Sept 5

1/2 Ironman – Biking 90 min, 15 min brick

Thursday –   Sept 6

Learn to Run 5km – new pgm starts Sept 11

Holding on 5km – 5km with 45 sec sprints x 5

Learn to Run 10km – new pgm starts Sept 11

Holding on 10km –6km with 45 sec sprints x 5

New Learn to Run 1/2 Marathon – 6km with 45 sec sprints x 5

1/2 Ironman –  Bike 60 minutes, 15 min brick

Friday – Sept 7

1/2 Ironman –  Light pool swim 10 minutes

Saturday – Sept. 8  7:00am, 8:00am  Wear your purple tops!! (Michelle, Sam, Jo, Ellen and I are away but many ladies will be in town!)

Learn to Run 5km  – New programs begin Tuesday September 11

Holding on 5 – 5km Third Line to Pipeline (8am)

Holding on 10km – 10km (7:00am)

New Learn to Run 1/2 Marathon – (7:00am) 17km

1/2 Ironman – Drive bike course, maybe quick bike ride

Sunday – Sept 9  Half Ironman Race Day  8:16 start

Have a wonderful week! Niki


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