Update – February 7, 2013

Nik’s Chicks is a FREE ladies only running/triathlon group. It is only a time and place to meet & a program to follow.  I cannot join you on every run/workout.  If you are new to exercising, it is advisable to have a doctor’s OK prior to beginning. Any information or products represented on this site are for educational purposes only and are not a substitute for any advice given to you by a medical, nutritional or fitness professional. Please sign my waiver (in “About”) and fill out my contact info sheet when you arrive for your first run.  Please park on West Oak Trails Blvd or Nightingale to avoid the locking beeps and car doors closing around my neighbors’ houses – especially on Saturday mornings! We run Monday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.  Check out Weekly Workout section for specific times.

Quote of the Week:  (I can’t relate to this one, but I know a few of you can!)

For me, a day without running is like a day without eating. It’s like going without food.
Haile Gebrselassie

Hello ladies, here is the latest news from the “nest”!

Weekly Chirp: Six of us ran lMonday night, did our 6km, and all agreed it was a good one.  Funny how some runs seem like such a labour and others “feel” just right.  Running has been used many times as a metaphor for life and this run is an example of that.  It started off hard (for me the first 2 km are always a struggle), the middle part got marginally easier and in the final km I felt like I found my stride.  I think this run reminded me that all things worth while are not necessarily easy!

There will not be an update next week, all the workouts are posted below.

New training programs:  I will launch new Learn to Run 5km and 10km programs just after March Break.  Spread the word to your friends and co-workers.  Programs can be found under Training Programs header above.  I will firm up the start date as it gets closer.

Triathlon Training:  There has been some banter about who will do triathlons in June and July.  If you are thinking about this, February is a good time to hit the pool at least once a week.  In March, you can add in a second swim to be comfortably ready for either a Try-a-tri or Sprint Tri.  If a group swim is of interest to you, email me your preferred days/times based on Town of Oakville Aquatic swim schedule  which can be found here  Public Swimming.  I can then try to co-ordinate a time that best fits everyone’s schedules.  In the past we met at Glen Abbey Pool 9:00pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays following our run. The Tri program you will be following is Sprint Triathlon June 2013 (16 week pgm)  which will begin March 2nd.  Swim training programs can be found here Swimming Lesson Plans 1-12 (1100m – 1600m).

Chicago Marathon registration:  “Registration for the 2013 Bank of America Chicago Marathon will open on Tuesday, February 19, at 12 p.m. (Central Standard Time). The registration fee is $175 for U.S. participants and $200 for participants outside of the U.S. Registration will close when the participant capacity of 45,000 is reached.”  Mark your calendars!! Race day is October 13th, 2013.  I will be joining you as part of a support crew…and for the shopping!

Tour de Halton:  A friend of mine, Christine Hardy, is on the organizing committee for the 2013 Tour de Halton.  This year’s date has been confirmed for June 15th.  There are three distances: 25km, 50km and 100km rides.  This is not a race – it is more a community ride to raise funds for the new Oakville Hospital.  For more info, you can check out this video from last year’s event! Tour de Halton  I will post more details as they become available.  I know a few Chicks have already shown some interest.  25km would take approx. 1.5 hrs at a leisurely pace.  Perhaps this could be an event for our families as well!

Tips from Runner’s World 2013 Daily Calendar: 1) Sports massage may help muscle soreness by as much as 30 percent.  Massage may increase blood flow to the damaged muscles and enhance recovery.  (My go-to girl is Melissa Musclow 905 465 2929 – N) 2)  Want some chocolate? It’s okay, just make sure it’s the dark variety.  Juggling family, work, and training is challenging and too much stress can raise your heart disease risk.  Chocolate can reduce stress hormone levels.  There’s also evidence that dark chocolate may help lower blood pressure – another key to reducing heart disease risk.  3)  To stabilize your core muscles (and strengthen ankle tendons – N) try this workout: Stand with your weak leg on a pillow.  Balance for 30 seconds.  Repeat 3 times.  Tip: When you can balance relatively easily for 30 seconds, increase the intensity by closing your eyes – this will make it harder to balance.  4) For endurance building runs, go long and slow.  These runs force your heart and lungs to working overtime, which beefs up your cardiovascular system.  The prolonged impact strengthens muscle, joints and connective tissue.  Once a week, run one and a half to three times longer than you typically run.  (Try for no more than a 10% mileage increase per long run – N)  5) Plantar faciitis, which causes pain in the heel or arch, occurs when the connective fibers that run along the bottom of the foot become inflamed at the spot where they attach to the heel bone.  The pain most often occurs in one foot, not both because of a leg length discrepancy or strength imbalance. (Other triggers may include improper shoes or terrain changes. – N)  6) While you don’t have to exert yourself on non-running days, some form of exercise will energize your mind, improve your attitude and burn fat.  Choose an activity that doesn’t fatigue the calf muscles such as aqua jogging, swimming, cycling or gently using the elliptical trainer.  7) Molasses is one sweetener you can feel good about using.  Produced when cane sugar is converted into white sugar, molasses retains nutrients lost in refining: it’s high in iron, magnesium and antioxidants that reduce DNA damage.  A study found molasses has more of these protective compounds than maple sugar, corn syrup, refined sugar and agave.

This week’s workouts (Meet at corner of Blackbird and Redwing Court)

Thursday –   Feb 7, 8:00pm

Holding on 5 km – 5km with 90 sec sprints x 3

15km ATB relay – 7km with 90 sec sprints x 3

Around the Bay 30km – 8km with 90 sec sprints x 3

FridayLA Fitness –  9:00 Spinning and Weights

Half Ironman – Bike 1.5 hrs with hills

Saturday – Feb. 9  8:00am (I will not be here!)

Holding on 5km – 5km

15km ATB relay – 13km

Around the Bay 30 km – 17km (North Shore Hills?)

Monday – Feb. 11 LA Fitness – 9:00 Cycling, 10:45 Swim

Half Ironman – Bike 60min, swim 45 min

Running 8pm:

Holding on 5km – 5km

15km ATB relay – 6km

Around the Bay 30 km – 10km

Wednesday – Feb 13

Half Ironman – Bike 1.5 hrs, swim 45 min

Thursday – Feb – 14

Holding on 5 km – 5km with 5 min tempo

15km ATB relay – 8km with hill x 4

Around the Bay 30km – 8km with hill x 4

Friday – Feb 15 LA Fitness –  9:00 Spinning and Weights,

Half Ironman – Bike 1.5 hrs with hills

Saturday – Feb. 16  8:00am (I will not be here!)

Holding on 5km – 5km

15km ATB relay – 14km

Around the Bay 30 km – 27km

Have a wonderful couple of weeks! Niki


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