Comrades Marathon update

Well…we are in Dubai waiting for connection to Rome. Finally a chance to write a quick update. The guys all finished the 87km Comrades Marathon!! Peter 9:27, Liam 10:25ish and Rich and Andrew came in together 10:30ish. We were so relieved to have them all cross the line. Run took it’s toll on them – GI issues, chaffing, dehydration, but all had smiles despite their ailments. Thank goodness for Advil and Pepto! Highlights for them: all running together for first 45km, mixture of nationalities and how everyone helped each other to finish, only topless water station that they have ever seen! For us, the spectators, it was moving to see the finishers cross before the 12hr cut off gun went off. Some danced, some staggered, some “flew”. Those who didn’t finish in time did not get to cross the finish line, no medal and a DNF. Heartbreaking!! Now we move on to the next phase of our vacay! Mediterranean, here we come! 


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