Update – August 21, 2013 – New Programs Begin September 7th

Nik’s Chicks is a FREE ladies only running/triathlon group. It is only a time and place to meet & a program to follow.  I cannot join you on every run/workout.  If you are new to exercising, it is advisable to have a doctor’s OK prior to beginning. Any information or products represented on this site are for educational purposes only and are not a substitute for any advice given to you by a medical, nutritional or fitness professional. Please sign my waiver (in “About”) and fill out my contact info sheet when you arrive for your first run.  Please park on West Oak Trails Blvd or Nightingale to avoid the locking beeps and car doors closing around my neighbors’ houses – especially on Saturday mornings! We run Monday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.  Check out Weekly Workout section for specific times.

Quote of the Week:   

The human body is capable of amazing physical deeds. If we could just free ourselves from our perceived limitations and tap into our internal fire, the possibilities are endless.

Dean Karnazes

Hello ladies, here is the latest news from the “nest”!  I know, I know…it has been a long time since the last update!  This update is a longer one to make up for that.  Summer has gotten the best of me and I have become a little lax in the website department.  I am looking forward to the kids returning to school, if only to get myself back onto a schedule.  You all probably know what I am talking about:)  I don’t want to wish the remaining days of summer away, especially when they are this nice…but I like having a regular schedule for all of the day to day stuff and for my workouts.  (Goodness knows I need to get straight in that department too.!)  If any of you find yourself falling of the exercise wagon too, come on out for the Learn to Run programs starting on the 7th.  For those of you stay at home moms, consider joining us in September at LA Fitness at Appleby and Dundas M,W,F mornings after kids get dropped off.

Welcome Back runners!  Since my vacations, there have been very few ladies showing up to run from my place.   I hear that many of you are getting smaller groups together on the side – good for you for staying active.  I invite you back for the M, Th, S runs – I am missing all of you!  Please make September 7th your date to return.

Injuries:  I have not been able to run since mid-May and am just getting back to 5km distance (from 21km:().  It is such a drag to be sidelined as many of you know, and it is hard to get back in the groove.  But, I am happy to report that my hip seems to be settling down and I am looking forward to getting out with you again. Yahoo!

Jackets: It’s that time again when we order new group running jackets!  Greg from the Running Company has found us a wonderful purple Versa jacket from Sugoi.  They retail for 130.00 and he is selling to our group at 85.00!!  I am in the process of getting some sponsorship to cover most, if not all of the screen printing costs.  I will have a S, M, L for you to try on the week of September 7-14th.  It will be up to you to go to the Running Company or call the RC to buy your jacket.  Deadline for ALL orders is Saturday, September 21st.  After all orders are in, Greg will place his order with Sugoi.  When they arrive, I will take them all to be printed.  If the sponsorship donations do not cover all of the printing expenses, there will be a nominal charge upon jacket pick up from me – to be determined.  Here are the features of the Versa:  Breathable, water resistant, wind resistant. Convertible coverage to a vest with easily removable magnet-attached sleeves, 360-degree 3M reflective visibility and smart detailing.  Reverse coil separating zip with guard. adjustable shockcord. Mesh ventilation for maximum airflow.  Two front zip pockets and one center pocket on back. Velcro closures at cuffs. Semi relaxed fit. Check out the video here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BT234rJ8M_I   The style is different, but technology is the same!  Hope you like it!

Versa Jacket

 New Programs Beginning Saturday, September 7th:   Consider a November race date to keep you on track.  On November 2nd the Angus Glen 5km will take place, with the 10km and 1/2 marathon going November 3 (in Markham). Register at Angus Glen Many of Nik’s Chicks have done these races before and it’s a great event.  Training for the 10km from a 5km base begins on Saturday, September 7th.  Programs we will using are here 10 Km program from 5km base  Now, if you are interested in the Learn to Run 5km Program, the new one will launch September 7th as well,  at 8:00am  from the corner of Blackbird and Redwing Courts.  Your program is here: 5km run training program 2  You can be training for Angus Glen or any of the November races out there, including Hamilton Road to Hope Hamilton Marathon Weekend.  Remember that all programs are FREE!  We all meet at the same time and the various distance groups split off.  The group meets Saturday am at 8, Monday and Thursday evenings 8pm.  I will not be able to be out with every group, every workout. Email me if you require more info  mclaughlins@cogeco.ca  and spread the news to your girlfriends!!  Here is a poster you can print and post in your workplace. LearntoRunPoster

Looking For Donations: My osteopath, Dave Ellis, is collecting old race shirts or Dry Fit type shirts in all sizes.  When his Dad was in palliative care he found himself struggling to maintain a consistent body temperature in his cotton clothes.  Dave gave him some of his technical clothing to wear and his Dad was much more comfortable in his final days.  Dave is collecting the clothing for the Palliative Care patients of the Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital.  You can drop off your donations at my place prior to every run.  I will bring them down to Dave’s clinic, Balance Point Health Centre on October 1st.  Thanks for your help!

Do you get bored swimming?  Do you have good intentions of using your backyard pool for swimming laps but never follow through?  Or do you drag yourself to a 25m pool and slog it out in sheer boredom?  I have a solution for you.  I have posted info about my Finis Swimp3 previously, but it died after 3 years of keeping me company.  I was going crazy without it and decided to purchase a new one.  I bought the latest version Neptune.  It has 4GB of storage = 1000 songs.  Think of the music, podcasts, audiobooks you can put onto it and enjoy lap swimming!  You can buy the 2GB version locally at Team Aquatics in Burlington for 180.00.  Mine was just under 200 for the 4GB version which has an info screen.  Neptune swimp3

Destination Race: Just wanted to throw this idea out there.  A few of us have been chatting about finding a race and making a girls only long weekend out of it.  There are so many to choose from.  I am thinking the race needs to be at least a year from now so saving funds can take place, appropriate timelines for training and we can give spouses and kids a huge heads up!  The race should have a marathon and half marathon (go big or go home).  I think it should be a tropical/vacation location that gives us time to relax post race – maybe a Friday – Tuesday long weekend.  We can chat about this over the next couple of months and come up with something really good!  I will post suggestions as they roll in.

Couple of Things!:  Sometimes I get to use this update to get the word out about other, non-running things.  Here are two little extras!  

My family recently had pics taken by a local photographer, Brigitte Elise.  she was an absolute pleasure to work with and she really did a good job of capturing us…goofiness and all.  She put together this video for us:  McLaughlin Family  If you are looking to have a similar thing done with your family, I HIGHLY recommend her.  Not cheap…but worth it!!  Her website is http://www.belisephotography.com/

I am doing some room overhauls on my main floor and am selling some furniture and storage units.  My new furniture will be arriving in the next 1-4 weeks and I need to make room for it!  Please let me know if any of it may be of interest to you and feel free to mention it to anyone you know who might want it.  I have posted prices, but they are negotiable.  mclaughlins@cogeco.ca   Email me if you need more info or want to arrange to have a peek.

500 for reclining leather sofa, IKEA storage unit 975.00 (was purchased for almost 3000), 500 for 2 piece leather sectional plus ottoman, black leather chair 50.00, IKEA desk 200.



IMG_0189 IMG_0188 IMG_0184 IMG_0183

Tips from Runner’s World 2013 Daily Calendar: 1)  When you are running alone, it’s easy to end up ruminating about those new clients at work or your kid’s report card.  This takes all the fun out of it.  When you run with other people, the social banter gives you a mental timeout. Research has shown that a positive social circle helps foster motivation and a greater commitment to exercise, compared with going it alone. 2)  Why are easy runs important?  The more you run, the better you will be, even if it is an easy run.  Easy runs build your fitness base.  They condition your system to adapt to stress, which allows your body to handle greater mileage, and they help your cardiovascular and respiratory systems become more efficient.  3)  Beat the heat by starting the hard part of your workouts by 7am.  If you can’t run that early, look for shaded trails and roads to keep the sun off your skin.  4)  Kids ages 7-9 can start running a quarter of a mile (.4km).  Every week add a minute or two until you can both complete a km.  If your kid is having a blast, keep adding time until you are up to 5km and then you can chat about doing a 5km fun run/walk together. 5)  Black toe? Shoes that are too tight can cause this problem.  Try a half size larger or a higher toe box.  The discolouration can also be a warning that you are running too many down hills, so keep your running confined to the flats.

This week’s workouts (Meet at corner of Blackbird and Redwing Court)

Workouts posted until September 7th, when new programs begin.

Thursday – August 22 8:00pm

Holding on 5km – Easy 5km

Holding on 10km -5km

Half Marathon – 8km with 60 sec sprints x 5

Chicago Marathoners – on your own schedule

Saturday – August 24

Holding on 5km – 5km

Holding on 10km -10km

Half Marathon – 15km

Chicago Marathoners – on your own schedule

Monday – August 26  8:00pm

Holding on 5km – 5km

Holding on 10km -5km

Half Marathon – 10km

Chicago Marathoners – on your own schedule

Thursday –   August 29, 8:00pm (I am away)

Holding on 5km – 5km

Holding on 10km – 5 km

Half Marathon – 8km with hill repeat x 4

Chicago Marathoners – on your own schedule

Saturday – Aug 31  8:00am (I am away)

Holding on 5km – 5km

Holding on 10km – 10km

Half Marathon – 23km

Chicago Marathoners – on own schedule

Monday – Sept 2 – holiday, no group run

Thursday – Sept 5 8:00pm

Holding on 5km – 5km

Holding on 10km – 10km

Half Marathon – 8km with 60 sec sprints x 5

Chicago Marathoners – on own schedule


New Learn to Run 5km – 5 min warm up walk, alternate 60 sec jogging and 90 sec walking for 20 min (turn after 10 min, cool down walk 5 min

New Learn to Run 10km – 5km

Holding on 5km – 5km

Holding on 10km – 10km

Half Marathon – 15km

Chicago Marathoners – on own schedule

Have a wonderful week! Niki

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