Urgent: Summer Tops


Tank Tops: This is the finalized the design for the sleeveless tops. 

Tri Top Front

 They are made of a highly breathable fabric which is great for summer running, not just triathlon.  The fit kit has arrived so you will have a chance to try on the samples.  I will have try on sessions before the run on Thursday and again on Saturday since many of you still haven’t been by.  Currently I have only 6 ladies confirmed for these shirts and we need a minimum of 18 to place an order!! They don’t run as small as the jackets – I have chosen a medium. The price point will be dependent on the number of tops ordered.  (18-24 = 70.00, 25-49 = 59.00)   Similar technical tops retail for 89.00-110.00.  Here is a link to the Women’s Delphino Racer Top Louis Garneau Tri Top for more specific info.

If you can’t make it Thursday or Saturday, please get in touch with me ASAP to swing by to try on a top.  I really hope to get us to at least 18 units!   mclaughlins1438@gmail.com

Cheers, Niki


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