Quick Note: RMP Athletic Locker Warehouse Sale


Hey ladies,

Getting new gear is alway a good motivator for getting out the door to run.  When you look good, you want to feel good too!

You may want to check out the RMP Athletic Locker Warehouse Sale at 2695 Bristol Cir, Oakville, ON L6H 6X5. I got a Moving Comfort Running skirt for 9.00 and 4 MC sport bras – 2 for 15.00!! We bought a couple of outdoor games and board shorts for Riley. They had tons of soccer attire, running shoes, sandals, sports equip, shorts, tops, bathing suits, socks…and the list goes on. The sale ends on June 21. Be sure to have a lot of time to look around! Huge sales!! More info at  http://athleticlockeroutlet.com/sales/oakville-fathers-day-sale/

Cheers, Niki


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