Update – May 19, 2016 – New Programs Begin May 21/Jackets Arrived/Open Water Swimming Delayed/ Triathlon?


Nik’s Chicks is a FREE ladies only running/triathlon group. It is only a time and place to meet & a program to follow.  I cannot join you on every run/workout.  If you are new to exercising, it is advisable to have a doctor’s OK prior to beginning.  Any information or products represented on this site are for educational purposes only and are not a substitute for any advice given to you by a medical, nutritional or fitness professional. Please sign my waiver (in “About”) and fill out my contact info sheet when you arrive for your first run.  Please park on West Oak Trails Blvd, Nightingale or at Bloomfield Park to avoid congestion, locking beeps and car doors closing around my neighbours’ houses – especially on Saturday mornings! We run Tuesday and Thursday evenings 8pm and Saturday mornings 8am from the corner of Redwing and Blackbird Courts.  Check out Weekly Workout section for specific times and distances.

Type your email address in the blank to the right and click follow to automatically receive my updates! You can also check out the Nik’s Chicks Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/132984713404930/

Quotes of the Week: 

I often hear someone say “I’m not a real runner.” We are all runners, some just run faster than others. I never met a fake runner.

Bart Yasso


Life is for participating, not spectating.

Katherine Switzer


I don’t run to add days to my life, I run to add life to my days.

Ronald Rook

News from the “Nest”: Hello taper! A bunch of us have been training for a half marathon and we are down to the final two weeks.  Training tapers off and we get to indulge in some very short runs while our bodies rest and prepare to race. As nice as the taper sounds, it comes with the feeling that you aren’t doing enough, you are bored, sluggish, you feel like eating all of the time, and you feel like you are getting out of shape:) Your legs will feel heavy, you are unmotivated. This is exactly how you should be feeling. A taper is essential to a successful race because the body is taking the time to repair itself. Rest and sleeping are good – even naps! Decrease your over all workload if possible. Eat protein and complex carbs.  Don’t be surprised if you gain 2-4 pounds – your body is storing water and carbs for race day!  Welcome the chance to do those 5kms and look forward to unleashing on race day:)

NEW Learn to Run 5km and 10km Programs begin May 21: You will be training for the Toronto Beaches Jazz Run on July 24th.  There are both 5 and 10km races – and a 1/2 marathon for any keen ladies! Here are your programs: Learn to Run 5km Training Program (T,Th,S)     10 Km program from 5km base (T,Th,S)  First training run leaves from 1438 Redwing Crt. at 8am! If you are new to the group, come a few minutes early to fill out a waiver and contact form.  Remember that that the programs are FREE!  Spread the word to friends and co-workers so we have a surge in numbers for the summer.  It’s so much more fun to run in a group instead of on your own:) 

If you are new to running or are tentative about running longer/further, then check out this book Running Like a Girl – Notes on Learning to Run by Alexandra Heminsley.  It’s a “Bridget Jones’ Diary” type of book written in the cheeky UK way!  A humorous look and starting to run (by signing up for a marathon) and continuing to run.  Good stories as well as practical info.  Available on Audible. /http://www.audible.com/pd/Bios-Memoirs/Running-Like-a-Girl-Audiobook/B00F8M85JI/ref=a_search_c4_1_1_srTtl?qid=1463676114&sr=1-1 (You can get a 30 day FREE trial on audible. Download it to your phone and listen while you drive, grocery shop, do house work.)

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 12.54.47 PM

Coming in Last:  For many new runners, coming in last in a race is a real fear.  Read this story about a lady who did come in last in her first 5km race and it was….OK! She lived to tell the tale and is planning on running a marathon! http://www.runnersworld.com/other-voices/coming-in-last?cid=NL_QOTD_-_05172016_CominginLast&smartcode=YN_0006323701_0001552277  A good reminder to not let our fears overcome our ambitions.

Jackets:  The last jacket order has arrived…finally! If you have preordered one, see me to pick it up. Hope you get at least one cool day so you can wear it proudly:) 

Triathlon: It sounds like triathlon/duathlon is gaining some interest but no one is jumping in to commit just yet! Well, I have officially registered for Welland Sprint Tri.  There were some ladies who were planning on doing this race and the Guelph Lake Try-a-tri the weekend before. I will also look ahead to Lakeside Tri in September.  Here is the link to register for Welland (remember there are other race options!) Welland Triathlon/Duathlon

If you are on the fence, check out this book/audiobook: Triathlon for the Every Woman. You can be a Triathlete. Yes. You. by Meredith Atwood 


  It’s a light hearted book about the trials and tribulations of an overweight, unhappy woman finding herself through the sport of triathlon.  Part memoir and part handbook – it’s a great read to shed some light on how to get into the sport.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 12.54.59 PM

Want to Tidy Your House?: On a totally un-fitness related note: I have recently finished  two great books by Marie Kondo The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up and Spark Joy. Sometimes quirky, but a straight forward approach to tidying up – not cleaning – your house.  I listened to the audiobooks, but friends have read the books and said they were indeed life changing. I have learned to fold clothes in a new way that really makes things tidy and easy! I am looking forward to tackling books and papers:) Here are pics of some drawers that I have re-organized.  Notice how everything stands upright.  So easy:) (My kids think I am obsessed, my husband is elated!)IMG_5750 IMG_5751 IMG_5753 IMG_5755 IMG_5757

Friday Morning Bike Ride: For anyone looking to jump on their road/tri bikes and do about 30km north of Dundas, meet at the front of Glen Abbey Rec Centre 9:15am tomorrow morning.  Jo and I will be there.  

I created a Facebook group for bike rides so we can communicate easily about times, distances, routes and who is available.  If you plan on biking this summer, whether is be local rides on mountain bikes or longer rides up north on road bikes, sign into the group so you are in the loop!  Do a search for “Nik’s Chicks and Friends Summer Cycling Group” and send me a request to join.

Open Water Swimming:   This summer’s swimming at Kelso will begin on May 28 (delayed start). The group swims twice a week Thursdays 6-8pm, and Saturdays 8:30-10:30 in the boating area – not in the swimming area.  Before you register with them you must become a member of Triathlon Ontario http://triathlonontario.com/members/registration/ – Then go to http://kelsoows.wix.com/swim#!information/c20r9 to fill out a waiver to bring with you to the lake and pre-register. The fees don’t cover the Kelso park entrance fee.  I have an annual pass and you are welcome to carpool with me:)  It is recommended to wear a wetsuit and swim cap & goggles.

This is a great place to learn how to swim in a lake because it feels safe – the lifeguards check swimmers in and out and they patrol the lake in kayaks and boats and can assist you if needed:)  We usually head to the lake at 6:15 on Thursdays and get back in time to run at 8.  On Saturdays, we try to go running earlier and head to lake around 9am.

Nik’s Chicks Gear:  Talk to me about gear options:)


Tri Top Front

photo 1

YES I AM TALKING TO YOU!!! Have you Ordered Your Road ID?:  On your next run, look at who is running beside you.  Does she know your husband’s cell number?  Does she know what meds you are on? Does she know about any allergies?  The likely answer is no! Spend the 20.00 on some peace of mind!  If you fell unconscious during a run, would EMS personnel know your details?  Unlikely!!  Order a bracelet, shoe tag, or FitBit tag at Road ID.  Consider getting tags for your family as well – great for travelling in the event kids get lost and for husbands who definitely don’t take ID with them on a run. I have a shoe tag and a bracelet which I have wrapped around the frame of my bike.  GET ONE NOW!!

Road ID

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 10.57.52 AM

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 10.59.05 AM

Tips From Runner’s World Daily Calendar 2016: 1)  If the temperature is in the 20s or 30s, you must drink more.  Increase your fluid intake by sipping sports drinks not just water.  The carbs in sports drinks help restock energy stores. (Or “eat” some fuel – NM) 2)  Forget time. It’s liberating not to be worried about pace.  Leave your watch at home once in a while.   3)  During medium to long mileage runs, you need easily digestible energy that won’t send your blood sugars on a roller coaster ride.  Pick a honey based bar/snack.  Honey contains carbohydrates (glucose and fructose) that deliver fast and long-lasting fuel.  4)  Lift weights.  If you aren’t doing some form of strength training, it’s time to start.  It only takes two workouts a week to make a difference.  For a fun strength workout at home, try using a fitness ball.

This weeks workouts (Meet at 1438 Redwing Court):  New programs begin May 21 8am.

Tuesday – May 17 8:00pm

Learn to Run 5km -5 min warm up walk, jog 30 continuous minutes (turn after 15) walk 5 min 

Holding on 5km – 5km

Holding on 10km – 5-8km

Toronto Women’s Half Marathon – 8km

Sprint Tri – 38 bike/18 swim

Thursday – May 19 8:00pm

Learn to Run 5km -5 min warm up walk, jog 30 continuous minutes (turn after 14 min) walk 5 min

Holding on 5km – 5km 

Holding on 10km – 5-8km easy run

Toronto Women’s Half Marathon – 4-5km easy 

Sprint Tri – 38 Run/29 swim

Friday – May 20 9:15am

Bike Ride from Glen Abbey Rec Center (front) – road bikes heading North for 25-30km

Saturday – May 21 8:00am (Kelso Open Water swimming will open next Saturday)

NEW Learn to Run 5km – Warm up walk 5 in, alternate 60 sec jogging and 90 sec walking for 20 minutes (turn after 10 min), 5 min cool down walk, stretch

NEW Learn to Run 10km – 5km

Learn to Run 5km – 5 min warm up walk, jog 30 continuous minutes (turn after 12.5 min) walk 5 min or RACE DAY

Holding on 5km – 5-6km

Holding on 10km – 10-12km

Toronto Women’s Half Marathon –  5km

Sprint Tri – 60 bike/19 run

Sunday – May 22 9:00am  Bike Ride – Meet front of Glen Abbey Rec Center

Road bikes:  30-40km heading north with a stop for sweets!

Mountain bikes: 25km residential ride.Mountain Bikers will ride locally and a comfortable speed for about an hour and 15 min with this 25km route (L on Glen Abbey Gate, R Pilgrims Way, L Nottinghill, R Monastery, L Dorval onto WestOak, R Proudfoot, L Pine Glen onto High Valley, L Valleyridge, R Richview, R Colonel William, L Stalybridge, L Saltaire, R Colonel William, R Skipton Lane, R Liptay, R Liptay again, R Colonel William, R Stocksbridge, R Emily, R Emily again, R Stocksbridge again, R Wildfel, R Bingley, R Wildfel again, R Stocksbridge again, R Lawhill, L Saddleworth onto Ribble, L Lawhill again, R Stocksbridge onto Richview onto WestOak, R Postmaster, R Heritage Way, R King’s College, onto Abbeywood, L Pilgrim’s Way again, L Glen Abbey Gate!) Link: http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/1081832930

Tuesday – May 24 8:00pm

NEW Learn to Run 5km – Warm up walk 5 in, alternate 60 sec jogging and 90 sec walking for 20 minutes (turn after 10 min), 5 min cool down walk, stretch

NEW Learn to Run 10km – 5km

Holding on 5km – 5km

Holding on 10km – 5-8km

Toronto Women’s Half Marathon – 5km

Sprint Tri – 40 bike/18 swim

Have a wonderful week! Niki


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