Update – July 20, 2016 – Triathlon Race Pics/Half Marathon Pgm Starts Saturday/New 5km and 10km Programs


Nik’s Chicks is a FREE ladies only running/triathlon group. It is only a time and place to meet & a program to follow.  I cannot join you on every run/workout.  If you are new to exercising, it is advisable to have a doctor’s OK prior to beginning.  Any information or products represented on this site are for educational purposes only and are not a substitute for any advice given to you by a medical, nutritional or fitness professional. Please sign my waiver (in “About”) and fill out my contact info sheet when you arrive for your first run.  Please park on West Oak Trails Blvd, Nightingale or at Bloomfield Park to avoid congestion, locking beeps and car doors closing around my neighbours’ houses – especially on Saturday mornings! We run Tuesday and Thursday evenings 8pm and Saturday mornings 8am from the corner of Redwing and Blackbird Courts.  Check out Weekly Workout section for specific times and distances.

Type your email address in the blank to the right and click follow to automatically receive my updates! You can also check out the Nik’s Chicks Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/132984713404930/

Quotes of the Week: 

In a world that’s quickly becoming so fast-paced that multi-tasking is a way of life, runners have managed to find a way to do something that’s good for our heads and spirits, and that provides wonderful social interaction.

John Bingham


Succeeding in running should be seen as an allegory for succeeding in every aspect of life.  Set goals, plan out how to achieve them, then stick to the plan.

Kim Griffin


We may train or peak for a certain race, but running is a lifetime sport.

Alberto Salazar


As a runner, my goal is to stay alive while occasionally partaking in things like desserts and fermented hops.

Robert Sullivan


News from the “Nest”: It goes without saying that it’s been a while since I sent out the last “weekly” update! Illness, prepping kids for camp and a surprise trip with my husband have sidetracked me:)  From the sounds of things, some of you weren’t too bothered by this – guess that’s the summertime vibe for you. My Chicks are well trained with you guys showing up at the regular run times in my absence – that’s dedication.  So… as we cruise along enjoying the nice weather and late sunsets, have you asked yourself what’s next? If you are in a holding pattern, do you need to set a goal to shake things up? See below for upcoming start dates for new programs and add the dates to your calendar.

Welland Triathlon: Belated congrats go out to the Chicks (Karin, Maria and Myriah) who took part in the Welland Sprint Triathlon on June 25th. It was a fantastic day from the weather to the venue! Much fun was had by all:)

IMG_6080There were a few trips to the porta-potties before the race!


First Triathlon ever – Myriah and Maria!


A veteran at triathlons now – Karin!


Pre-race pic


Wetsuits half way on….need another 5-10 minutes!


It’s over – time to celebrate:)


When is the next one?!

New Learn to Run Programs: Where do you stand with your running?  If you are new to Nik’s Chicks, there will be an 8 week Learn to Run 5km Program beginning on Saturday July 30 at 8am.  No experience necessary – here is your program Learn to Run 5km Training Program (T,Th,S) If you have made it to 5km or have been holding on a 5km base, then you are ready to begin the 8 week Learn to Run 10km Program which will also begin on Saturday July 30th at 8am. Here is your program 10 Km program from 5km base (T,Th,S)  Both of these groups will be training for the Oakville 5 and 10km races on September 25th. Register at http://www.oakvillehalfmarathon.com.  If you have made it to 10km or have been holding at 10-15km for your long runs, then you are ready to begin the 12 week Learn to do a Half Marathon Program which will begin this Saturday July 23. You will be training for the Scotiabank or PEI Half Marathon – both on October 16th. Here is your Program Half Marathon Training Program.  You can register for the races at http://www.torontowaterfrontmarathon.com/en/index.htm and http://www.peimarathon.ca/  I suggest printing off a copy of your program and stick it on your fridge or bathroom mirror – any highly visible spot.  Cross off the runs when you complete them.  Find out who else is doing the same program and exchange cell numbers or email addresses so you can nudge each other to get out there.  Running is more fun/social when you are not doing it alone:)   I am looking forward to seeing who will be training for what…I will take names this week so I can add them to the Training Groups page!!  Remember that all programs are FREE – throw out the idea to your friends and co-workers:)

Change a Flat Clinic: Big thanks to the staff at Cyclepath for hosting us on June 22nd for the change a flat clinic.  It was a hands on experience and very informative.  If you missed it, you can contact them directly to inquire about when they will host their own clinic – usually every second Saturday morning. 905 338 0783  Don’t forget to print off your How to Fix a Flat – Step by Step cheat sheet and tuck it into your bike bag.   You also need a spare tube, tire levers and CO2 canister or a pump.

Have you Ordered Your Road ID?:  On your next run, look at who is running beside you.  Does she know your husband’s cell number?  Does she know what meds you are on? Does she know about any allergies?  The likely answer is no! Spend the 20.00 on some peace of mind!  If you fell unconscious during a run, would EMS personnel know your details?  Unlikely!!  Order a bracelet, shoe tag, or FitBit tag at Road ID.  Consider getting tags for your family as well – great for travelling in the event kids get lost and for husbands who definitely don’t take ID with them on a run. I have a shoe tag and a bracelet which I have wrapped around the frame of my bike.  GET ONE NOW!!

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 10.02.43 AM

Road ID

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 10.57.52 AMScreen Shot 2016-05-12 at 10.59.05 AM

Biking:  A group will be leaving from Glen Abbey Rec Centre 9:15 Friday mornings. 1.5-2 hr ride.  Sign onto the Nik’s Chicks and Friends Summer Cycling Group Facebook page to stay in the bike ride loop.  We will also be out on Sunday, start time is now 8am.

Nik’s Chicks Gear:  Talk to me about gear options:)


Tri Top Front

photo 1

Tips From Runner’s World Daily Calendar 2016: 1)  Deck yourself out in running gear. Looking good out there can really give you a mental boost, which is going to make the effort seem easier.  So buy a great looking, color coordinated running outfit that you enjoy wearing. 2)  Before going for a hot run, have a slushy made with crushed ice and your favorite sports drink.  To keep drinks chilled while you run, fill a bottle halfway, freeze it, and top it off with fluid before starting. 3)  Check http://www.theweathernetwork.com.  If you know it’s going to be 35 degrees by 2pm, run early in the morning.  Terrible thunderstorms on Saturday? There’s your day off.  Run on sunday.  Proactive scheduling now will give you fewer excuses later. 4)  Run with the flow of what the day brings.  Doing so will allow you to run in the right zone (easy, moderate or hard) based on what is going on in the moment: extreme pollen levels, heat and humidity, winds, snow or mud.  when you run by your body rather than your head, you’ll run your best effort no matte what challenge life throws at you.

This weeks workouts (Meet at 1438 Redwing Court):  Half Marathon Training begins this Saturday!

Tuesday – July 19 14 8:00pm

Holding on 5km – 5km

Holding on 10km – 5-8km

Holding on 12-15 km – 8-10km

Thursday – July 21 8:00pm

Holding on 5km – 5km with hill repeats x 2

Holding on 10km – 5-7km w hill repeats x 3

Holding on 12-15km – 5-7km w hill repeats x 3

Friday – July 22 9:15am

Bike Ride from Glen Abbey Rec Center 1.5-2hrs (Check Facebook page for communication!)

Saturday – July 23 8:00am

Holding on 5km – 5-6km

Holding on 10km – 10-12km

NEW Half Marathon – 11km

Sunday – July 24 19 8:00am

Bike Ride – Meet front of Glen Abbey Rec Center

Road Bikes: 44km to Springridge via Tremaine to No 2 Side Road, Rt on Appleby and quick left again onto No 2 Side Road, Rt on Walkers Line and Rt on Derry Rd, Lft on Bell School Line – return regular route on Bell School Line.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 6.11.56 PM

Mountain Bikes: 25km residential ride.Mountain Bikers will ride locally and a comfortable speed for about an hour and 15 min with this 25km route (L on Glen Abbey Gate, R Pilgrims Way, L Nottinghill, R Monastery, L Dorval onto WestOak, R Proudfoot, L Pine Glen onto High Valley, L Valleyridge, R Richview, R Colonel William, L Stalybridge, L Saltaire, R Colonel William, R Skipton Lane, R Liptay, R Liptay again, R Colonel William, R Stocksbridge, R Emily, R Emily again, R Stocksbridge again, R Wildfel, R Bingley, R Wildfel again, R Stocksbridge again, R Lawhill, L Saddleworth onto Ribble, L Lawhill again, R Stocksbridge onto Richview onto WestOak, R Postmaster, R Heritage Way, R King’s College, onto Abbeywood, L Pilgrim’s Way again, L Glen Abbey Gate!) Link: http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/1081832930

Tuesday – July 26 8:00pm

Holding on 5km – 5km

Holding on 10km – 5-8km

Holding on 12-15 km – 8-10km

Have a wonderful week! Niki


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