Update – March 19, 2013

Nik’s Chicks is a FREE ladies only running/triathlon group. It is only a time and place to meet & a program to follow.  I cannot join you on every run/workout.  If you are new to exercising, it is advisable to have a doctor’s OK prior to beginning. Any information or products represented on this site are for educational purposes only and are not a substitute for any advice given to you by a medical, nutritional or fitness professional. Please sign my waiver (in “About”) and fill out my contact info sheet when you arrive for your first run.  Please park on West Oak Trails Blvd or Nightingale to avoid the locking beeps and car doors closing around my neighbors’ houses – especially on Saturday mornings! We run Monday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.  Check out Weekly Workout section for specific times.

Quote of the Week:  

Running has taught me that we are capable of doing more than we ever imagined, that we can overcome huge obstacles, and that consistency pays off! Running is my sanity and my sanctuary.

Amy Peavy-Smith, Runner’s World Challenger of the Week

Hello ladies, here is the latest news from the “nest”!

Weekly Chirp: Big hello and welcome to the new ladies who have recently joined Nik’s Chicks.  It’s always nice to see new faces, figure out how they heard about the group and get them started on their own running journeys.  I told these “newbies” about how the ladies who are currently training for Around the Bay 30km and then onto marathons and half ironman races, were all once in the same starting place that they are now.  Everyone starts at the beginning.  Another welcome goes out to the ladies who are coming back to the group after going indoors for the winter.  Good to see those raspberry (not pink!) jackets traveling down the street in a big group.  

Stepping into a new group/experience is not easy for most of us.  Please know that this running/triathlon group is very social, inviting and not hard core!!  Just likeminded girls out to get some physical activity together!  If any of the current ladies are interested in sharing their Nik’s Chicks journey, sent me an email with your thoughts.  There are lots of new runners or ladies contemplating joining us who would like to hear your stories.

New training programs: Alright ladies – NEW Learn to run 5km (no experience necessary) and Learn to run 10km (from 5km base) programs began last night.  Still not too late to jump in.  Welcome to the tough ladies who ran their first runs in snow and ice pellets!  It will only get nicer from there!!  We run again Thursday night at 8pm and then Saturday at 8am. Both of these 8 week programs will have you prepared to run the Mississauga races on May 4th.  Remember that these programs are FREE!!  I will be there to get you started, but will not necessarily be running with you at every session.  The group is for like-minded women to have a place & time to meet and have a program to follow.  We will meet 8pm at the corner of Redwing and Blackbird Courts.  You will need to fill out a waiver and contact info form prior to running with us so arrive a little early for your first run. Nicole McLaughlin Waiver and Release #2.  The programs you will be following are Learn to Run 5km Training Program and 10 Km program from 5km base.  Here is a little poster you can print to post at your work  or send to a friend! Learn to Run Poster  The more the merrier!!

Triathlon Training:  There has been some banter about who will do triathlons in June and July.   March is here and it’s time to get into the water! Starting your swimming 2 x week now will have you ready for either a Try-a-tri or Sprint Tri in June.  Any Chicks that are not already attending a gym to swim will meet at Glen Abbey Pool on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for 9:00-9:15pm.  Town of Oakville Aquatic swim schedule can be found here  Public Swimming in the event these times don’t work for you.  The Tri program you will be following is Sprint Triathlon June 2013 (16 week pgm)  which began March 2nd.  Swim training programs can be found here Swimming Lesson Plans 1-12 (1100m – 1600m).  The purpose of the programs are to build recovery periods into the sets so you don’t get too fatigued and messy!  You will not work on continuous swimming until May!  If you are “in”, send me a note so I can add your name to list of triathletes.  Please note that biking won’t begin until April, but if you can get into some spinning classes before that, your legs will thank you! Tri weekly workouts have been added into group weekly workouts below. Happy Tri training!!

Try a tri girls

Try-a-tri Girls – Milton Tri 2012

Sprint Tri Girls – Guelph Lake 2012

Around the Bay race kit pick up: I will be heading to Hamilton to pick up our race kits on March22nd. If you would like me to pick up yours as well, please email me with your bib#.  Anyone want to join me for the expo/pick up?

Nik’s Chicks gear:  I know it’s a bit early to promote NC clothing, but I would like to offer it to the new runners and to those who didn’t get to get theirs last summer.  Ladies, I have 2 tops available. Just ask me to show you the tops on your next run!

Nik's Chicks custom made shirt

This Tri top is available for 40.00 (reg 52.00) – sizes 3S, 1L and 1XL in stock (They run small)

MEC Poise Top - Royal Lilac

MEC Poise Top – Royal Lilac

This light weight running tank (with NC logos) is avail for 20.00 – sizes 6XS, 2S, 15M,4L,1XL in stock

Tips from Runner’s World 2013 Daily Calendar: 1)  For cramped feeling toes, re-do your laces.  First, remove your laces and measure them.  Buy two new sets (4 laces) half that length.  On both shoes, use one lace for the bottom three eyelets and a second lace for the upper three eyelets.  The end result will be two bows on each shoe, allowing you to tie the bottom laces looser to accommodate your wider forefoot. 2)  Think metric.  A kilometer is slightly more than half a mile, so kilometers pass more quickly on a run than miles do.  3) On easy runs, break up the routine by changing your route, taking advantage of the slower pace to take in the scenery.   4) Prepare for bad weather.  Layered technical gear can keep you comfortable even if the weather changes during a run. 5) Adjust from indoor to outdoor running by reducing the mileage.  If you slow down and add more walk breaks, you will probably cover the same distance you’ve been logging on the treadmill. 6) Beginning to run outside after months indoors can be a shock to your body.  Ease into it by going outside once a week.  In a couple of weeks, substitute another indoor run for outdoors.  Gradually decrease your indoor time as you increase your outdoor time.

This week’s workouts (Meet at corner of Blackbird and Redwing Court)

Tuesday – March 19 9:00pm

NEW Tri girls –  Swim lesson 3 (Swimming Glen Abbey pool 9pm)

Wednesday – March 20, LA Fitness 9:00am

Half Ironman – Bike 2 hr with hills, swim 45 min

Thursday –   March 21, 8:00pm

NEW Learn to Run 5km – alternate 90 sec jogging and 2 min walking for 20 minutes – turn back after 10 minutes

NEW Learn to run 10km – 6km   The route map is here: http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/5615862

15km ATB relay – 5km

Around the Bay 30km – 5km

NEW Tri girls –  Run (run 90sec/walk 90sec/run 3 min/walk 3 min x 2), Swim lesson 3 (Swimming Glen Abbey pool 9pm)

Friday –  March 22 – LA Fitness –  9:00 Spinning and Weights

Half Ironman – Bike 1 hr

Saturday – March 23  8:00am 

NEW Learn to Run 5km – alternate 90 sec jogging and 2 min walking for 20 minutes – turn back after 10 minutes

NEW Learn to run 10km – 6km Route is here: http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/5615862

15km ATB relay – REST

Around the Bay 30 km – REST

NEW Tri Girls: Run (run 3 min/walk 90 sec/ run 5 min/walk 2.5 min – turn- run 3 min/walk 90 sec/run 5 min)

Sunday – March 23   Around the Bay 30km Race and 15km relays – Good luck to all participants!

Monday – March 24 LA Fitness – 9:00 Cycling, 10:45 Swim

Half Ironman – Bike 1 hr 15 minutes, swim 45 min

Running 8pm:

NEW Learn to Run 5km – alternate 90 sec jogging and 2 min walking for 20 minutes – turn back after 10 minutes

NEW Learn to Run 10km -5km

NEW Tri Girls: Run (run 3 min/walk 90 sec/ run 5 min/walk 2.5 min – turn- run 3 min/walk 90 sec/run 5 min)

Tuesday – March 25

NEW Tri girls –  Swim lesson 4 (Swimming Glen Abbey pool 9pm)

Have a wonderful week! Niki


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