Attention: Mississauga 5km Ladies

Hi Ladies,

I have these ladies registered for the Saturday evening race:  Sandy, Jill, Veronica, Ellen, Anne Marie, Pamela, Susan, Nancy, Claire, myself – who have I missed? Send me an email!

Both Claire and myself will be driving to the race in 2 vans.  (Anyone wishing to indulge in a couple of beverages later can get dropped off and driven home later). We will leave from my house at 3:45pm and head to the Carmen Corbasson Community Centre at 1399 Cawthra Rd.  From here we will shuttle to the start line.  (Last shuttle goes at 5pm) Race starts at 6pm so there will be some waiting involved!  Lots of time for pre-race pics and trips to the portapotties! The race route can be found here: At the finish line there will be water and snacks. Post race we will regroup beside the stage where the band will be playing after all of us have finished  We will take the shuttle back to our vehicles (or walk if there is a long line up) and head to The Works for supper.  They don’t take reservations on a Saturday night.  We just need to arrive and the first one there gets their name on the list.  Or – as long as everyone is planning on eating and drinking….we can book their private room downstairs.  I welcome any other of the Learn to Run 5km ladies to join us at the restaurant for 8pm, I will just need to know numbers ahead of time. I will need to pick up my son at work at 9:30 and will need to leave The Works by then.

I only have Veronica wanting me to pick up her race kit on Friday, any other takers? (This includes anyone running longer distances)

Race Tips:

Your bib/number will be in your race kit.  Pin this on your front on whatever layer will be exposed.  If you plan on peeling off your jacket, pin it to your shirt.  Put your shirt on, fig out where you want it, take off shirt, pin on bib.  Pics look bad with crooked bibs!

Your timing chip will go on your shoe.  Some races have disposable chips that you keep, others will be cut off in the finishing chute.

Check weather and plan your clothing choices accordingly.  (Long range forecast is 12 degrees, 20 km wind, isolated showers)) Grab a garbage bag!  If it is chilly while we wait at the start, throw the bag on to stay warmer.

Try to have eaten at least 1-2 hours pre-race so food has time to digest.  Avoid too much protein, fat or fibre!

Hydrate leading up to the race.  There will be a water stop at the 3km mark.

There will be photographers along the route, remember to smile.  Nothing worse than seeing yourself with a grimace on your face.  If so inclined, throw your arms up at the finish and celebrate your achievement!!

Pack a change of clothes to leave in the car.  You can change in the restaurant if you like.


For more tips on pre-race preparation click on this link: PreRace Checklist.pdf

Please send me an email if you  have any questions or concerns regarding travel or the race itself!

Cheers, Niki