Last Chance(s) for Jacket Try-ons – Tonight and Tomorrow


Hi Ladies,

Just a quick reminder that there will be a jacket try-on evening tonight for anyone who was away over March Break and didn’t have a chance to come by. Any time after 5 (we will be having supper 6:30-7pm) will work! The very last chance to try them on will be tomorrow night after the 8pm workout.  I am sending them back to Louis Garneau on Wednesday.  

Here is the latest sketch from Louis Garneau’s graphic artist – it still needs some tweaking!

Jacket Design #2

Looks like we will get over the 25 units of the Prolight Jacket needed to set the price at 102.00 per unit!  Then I will factor in the 600.00 in sponsorships to get the final total even lower:) 

Hope to see you tonight! Niki


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