It’s raining…but we will still run tonight:)

It actually looks like it will taper off by 8pm, but here are some wet weather running tips so you will be comfortable in case it’s still pouring:

  1. Wear a peaked hat to keep the raindrops from hitting you directly in the face.
  2. Your feet will be wet.  Wear technical socks (not cotton) to avoid hot spots or blisters.  Consider putting some Body Glide or Chamois Butt’r to decrease friction due to moisture.
  3. A jacket will help but will likely become saturated in a heavy rain. Make sure it’s breathable otherwise you will be soaked from sweating inside of it.  Note the temperature so you wear the correct base layer.
  4. Consider putting Body Glide on other areas that may chafe – under breasts, under bra straps, at waist under fuel belt.
  5. Post run, remove the insoles from your shoes and stuff shoes loosely with newspaper to dry them out. Do not put your shoes in the dryer!

Cheers! Niki


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