Update – November 12, 2013

Nik’s Chicks is a FREE ladies only running/triathlon group. It is only a time and place to meet & a program to follow.  I cannot join you on every run/workout.  If you are new to exercising, it is advisable to have a doctor’s OK prior to beginning.  Any information or products represented on this site are for educational purposes only and are not a substitute for any advice given to you by a medical, nutritional or fitness professional. Please sign my waiver (in “About”) and fill out my contact info sheet when you arrive for your first run.  Please park on West Oak Trails Blvd or Nightingale to avoid the locking beeps and car doors closing around my neighbors’ houses – especially on Saturday mornings! We run Monday and Thursday evenings 8pm and Saturday mornings 8am from the corner of Redwing and Blackbird Courts.  Check out Weekly Workout section for specific times.

Quote of the Week:   

Running quoteHello ladies, here is the latest news from the “nest”!  As I begin typing my update today, I am feeling chipper!  I have my Christmas music on (try Cogeco channel 340) and I just ordered my first gifts.  There is “something” about this time of year that I absolutely love!  If you are like me, I have received some interesting “gifts” over the years (my labeller/electric stapler and battery operated pencil sharpener come to mind).  Not that these weren’t practical gifts 🙂 – just not what I had wished for!! I have taken some time to source out some cool gift ideas – see below – that you can perhaps pass along to your shopping impaired family members.  Perhaps Santa will bring you what you reeeealy want this year!!  If you know of any ingenious products, shoot me off an email and I can add it to the list. 

Just a reminder to reserve November 21st of your calendar.  You can do some shopping of your own from 7-9pm at my house.  There will NOT be a group run on this night!  I am hosting a Stella and Dot Trunk Show.  My girlfriend and S&D stylist, Kristen, will be on hand to help you choose the perfect gifts for the ladies in your life.  You can view the online catalogue at http://www.stelladot.com/sites/kristinbrule  and connect with Kristin in the event you have any questions or can’t make the gathering.  If you are not the jewellery sort, come out anyway to mingle and chat with other Chicks without gasping for air! You can RSVP at http://www.stelladot.com/ts/ouxt5?guest=1558976 so Kristin will know how many to expect.  Please pass this along to any of your girlfriends who might be interested in jewellery…or running!

New Programs Began November 9th: I haven’t had any takers on the Learn to Run 5km front, but it looks like there are about 6 ladies who are taking the leap to 10km!  Welcome to the new Chicks!  It’s not too late for you 5kers to come back out.

Cold Weather Running:  It is said that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear!  If you are newer to cold weather running, check out this document for tips on what to wear to stay warm and cozy.  Advice for Winter Running Gear  You need not spend a lot of money. Consider a few key pieces (jacket and pants) and then fill in with more economical choices.  MEC has good quality gear at lower prices and make sure to let them know at the Running Company that you are with Nik’s Chicks to get a discount.

Around the Bay Relays:  Registration for ATB is open and the 2 person relays are SOLD OUT!!  We need to get serious about registering teams for the 10km event or consider another race to do as a group.This is a great race in late March in Hamilton – it’s the oldest road race in North America.  The distances include 30km, 2x15km relay, 3x10km relay and 5km fun run.  We had a blast doing the relays last year, we had 8 teams and some amazing Chicks run the 30km.  The 10km relays will sell out very soon and the 30km will sell out before the new year.  Get your teams together and we will hopefully surpass 8 teams in 2014. Name you team “Nik’s Chicks 1, 2” etc.  Send me a note when you reg and I will post teams.

Great Suggestions for Christmas Gifts….for Yourself!: Do you have family members who just don’t know what to buy you for Christmas? Here is a list of a few unique items.  I will try to add to it each update as I come across some good ideas!

Strassburg Sock For those of you battling Plantar Faciitis, this might be just the thing you need! More info at www.http://thesock.com/. Avail. locally at Running Company 35.00.


Pull buoy/kick board combo – There are a few out there, but these two are looking good. Avail. at Team Aquatics and MEC. 15-40.00

ASpullbuoy:kickboard Arenakickboard:pullbuoy

Road ID – I won’t stop promoting this on until every runner has one.  You can purchase online at http://www.roadid.com/Common/default.aspx

Road ID

Bike Mirror – For anyone planning on cycling next season, this is a safety must have!  There are many types but here are a couple that work well.  Road bike mirror inserts into handle bar and Zefal spy mirror can attach anywhere on handle bars. 15-20.00 at Cyclepath.

Road bike mirror SpyMirror

Lights for Visibility I love this versatile little UFO light by Filzer! Only 8.00 at MEC.

UFO light

Socks – I found some great ones by Balgea at Running Company. Lots of different styles in the 8-15.00 range.


Swimming Programs –  For anyone who has to train on their own.  Good programs, explanations of drills.  Be aware of the high volume (you can always trim it to suit).  Waterproof pages to take right onto the pool deck. Available though Chapters 20.00.

Swim Speed workouts

Best Underwear – Try the Lululemon Light as Air Underwear.  So comfy, wicking, and no panty lines!  At 18.00 a pair they are a splurge…but so worth it!   Avail. in many colors.

Lululemon Light as Air Hipster

Comfy Bra – This one by Isis has adjustable over the shoulder straps instead of a racer back and is just plain cute! MEC 40.00!


Drawstring re-threader –  Who knew this existed! A must buy for wives who have been asked to do this for their husbands! Avail. at http://www.re-stringit.com 15.00.


Travel Roller – For anyone who has to travel or doesn’t have room to store a traditional foam roller.  Avail. at http://www.rei.com 28.00.


Ponytail Hat – If you have run with a traditional hat, you know how the pressure of your hat/on your ponytail/on your head can give you an ache.  Try a hat with a dedicated ponytail hole like this Breakaway Beanie from Brooks – only 20.00 avail in a few colours at http://www.brooksrunning.com. Similar style at Lulu for 28.00.


Hand Massager – These little helpers retail for 30.00 at www.gomoji.com.


Medal Hanger – Be proud of your accomplishments with this hanger! 48.00 at http://www.goneforarun.com


Some Great Running Stories: Check out these links for nice reads and maybe a little motivation to get out there!

Running is not all about…running! http://www.letsrun.com/news/2013/11/time-life/

So you think you can’t run a half marathon? http://www.runnersworld.com/races/5-year-old-completes-half-marathon-in-22225

Looking for a local Fun Run to do?:  Why not consider the Jingle Bell Run on December 1st? It’s a great family event with 1,2, and 5km distances. Click here Jingle Bell Walk and Run 2013 OAKVILLE Flyer for more info or register here Jingle Bell Run.

Tips from Runner’s World 2013 Daily Calendar: 1)   Stay away from the start line.  When you head to the starting area after your warm-up, stake out a spot anywhere but the front.  Unless you’re truly a frontrunner, starting at the front of the pack is counterproductive.  You’ll get in people’s way and could be swept into an opening pace that is way too fast for your own good.  2)  Need a motivation boost? Buy a full length mirror and look in it every day. 3)   The sooner you apply ice after a run, the better.  Whether you suffer an acute injury or have a chronic issue, ice the area as soon as you get home.  When applied immediately, ice decreases swelling and initiates healing.  4)  Take your pulse each morning before you get out of bed to find out what is normal for you.  An elevated HR is one sign of stress.  It means your nervous system prepared for fight or flight by releasing hormones that sped up your heart to move more oxygen to the muscles and the brain.  Your body won’t know the difference between physical and psychological stress.  A hard run and a hard day both require extra recovery.  5)  Looking good can really give you a mental boost, which is going to make the effort seem easier.  So get yourself a great looking running outfit that you enjoy wearing!

This week’s workouts – (Meet at corner of Blackbird and Redwing Court)

Thursday – Nov. 14 8:00pm

NEW Learn to Run 5km – warm up walk 5 min,  alternate 60 sec jogging and 90 sec walking for 20 minutes (turning back after 10), cool down walk 5 minutes

NEW Learn to Run 10km – 4km/30 sec sprint x 5

Holding on 5km – 5km/30 sec sprint x 5

Holding on 10km – 5km/30 sec sprint x 5

Saturday – November 16 8:00am

Learn to Run 5km – warm up walk 5 min,  alternate 90 sec jogging and 2 min for 20 minutes (turning back after 10), cool down walk 5 minutes

Learn to Run 10km – 6km

Holding on 5km – 5km

Holding on 10km – 10km

Monday – Nov. 18 8:00pm

Learn to Run 5km – warm up walk 5 min,  alternate 90 sec jogging and 2 min for 20 minutes (turning back after 10), cool down walk 5 minutes

Learn to Run 10km – 5km

Holding on 5km – 5km

Holding on 10km – 5km

Thursday – Nov 21 8:00pm

No running tonight! 7-9pm gathering at my place!

Saturday – November 23rd 8:00am I am away at a hockey tourney this morning. Group will still go out!

Learn to Run 5km – 5 min walk, jog 90 sec/walk 90 sec/jog 3 min/walk 3 min turn and repeat, 5 min walk

Learn to Run 10km – 6km

Holding on 5km – 5km

Holding on 10km – 10km

Monday –November 25th 8:00pm

Learn to Run 5km – 5 min walk, jog 90 sec/walk 90 sec/jog 3 min/walk 3 min turn and repeat, 5 min walk

Learn to Run 10km – 5km

Holding on 5km – 5km

Holding on 10km – 5km

Have a wonderful week! Niki